Trainee Medical Assistant Jailed

Denetria Barnes

Denetria Barnes, who was training to become a Medical Assistant in Tampa Bay, has been sentenced to 37 months in prison for stealing and selling confidential patient information.

Fortunately most Medical Assistants take their responsibilities quite seriously, but it's a sad fact that occasionally a few take advantage of their trusted position, and their patients, as was the case with this story I wrote about back in July.

This latest case, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times was much more serious as it involved selling patient's social security numbers to be used for tax fraud.

In addition to the prison sentence, Barnes was also ordered to repay 12,000 in proceeds and she will have to serve three years of supervised release once she gets out. The judge also ordered that she will not be allowed to gain employment in any role in the future which would give her access to personal identification information.

This means her career in healthcare is effectively over, as her defense attorney said, "She lost her job and will likely never work in the health care field again."

For further information on this story read the detailed article at the Tampa Bay Times.