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The New York Times on Medical Assistant Education Programs

If you're currently trying to decide on which Medical Assistant College Program you should attend, then you shouldn't miss this article by Kevin Carey in the New York Times.

The author suggests that the free market has failed medical assisting education resulting low employment rates or underemployment making it very difficult for Medical Assistants to pay off their education debt - in fact he cites statistics that show graduates from Drake have a 31% default rate on their loans.

Medical Assistant to RN - What Does it Take?

RN Certificate

I received an email this week asking about what's involved in transitioning from Medical Assistant to RN (Registered Nurse).

Because this question and others like it keep coming up, I'm going to address the following questions:

Top Five Characteristics Of A Stellar Online Healthcare Program

The increasing availability and popularity of online college courses has allowed many students to boost their marketability in the modern job market. In the medical field, these opportunities can often lead to larger salaries and increased responsibility in the clinical, hospital or medical office environment. Choosing the right online program can make a significant difference in your ongoing career success. Here are five criteria to consider when selecting an online educational opportunity.

Lee College Healthcare Program Info Event on Dec 4th

Lee College

If you live near Baytown Texas (see the service area map below) and you're looking for information on Healthcare training programs, then the December 4th information session at Lee College might be just the think you'e looking for.

It will take place in the Phyllis Davis Room at 909 Decker Drive starting at 5:30pm and running through to 7pm.

Vatterott College Looses $13 Million Lawsuit to Former Medical Assistant Student

No doubt you've heard about Vatterott - they're a huge for profit college with 19 campuses across 9 states, and they offer a wide range of Medical Assisting and related programs.

A Jury in Jackson County recently awarded a $13 Million payment to former Vatterott Medical Assisting student Jennifer Kerr.

Popular Medical Assistant Books

Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams

If you are looking for some books to help you study or brush up on your Medical Assisting skills, then this guide is just what you need.

What I've done is take a look at the range of books Medical Assistant Atlas readers buy at, and I've put together this list of the most popular ones.

These aren't the only publications on this topic - you can get a comprehensive list of medical assistant books at

Finlandia University Gets Accredited for their Certified Medical Assistant Program A.A.S.

Finlandia University - Accredited for Medical Assistant Program

Finlandia University located in Hancock, Michigan, has had their 2 year Medical Assistant Associate Degree course accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

Finlandia University now boasts that they have the only accredited medical assistant program in the Upper Peninsula.

Their program has been accredited for the next 5 years through to September 2017.


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