Certified Medical Assistant Exam Prep

Even if you have only recently begun your Medical Assisting course, it's never too early to start with your CMA exam prep. Here are some resources that will help you get started.

The two main ways of preparing are:

Sometimes you can also get practice exams, or even previous tests, from your college - however, you will need to talk with your instructor about this, so we won't cover that topic here.

Online CMA Practice Exams

Taking practice tests on the web can be a lot of fun and they help you work out which areas you need to study more. Write down which questions you get wrong, and then spend a little extra time studying those areas. For example if you get most of the questions about body parts wrong, then study up on anatomy.

Flaschcards CMA & RMA Practice Test

This first practice test is a series of flashcards which you can try right now. Look at each card, work out what you think the answer is, then click on the card to see what the correct answer actually is. Then click on either the green 'Correct Cards' or red 'Incorrect Cards' button to keep your score. Be honest with your marking, and don't look up the answers online, because none of that will help you learn.

AAMA Practice Exams

You can't get a more reliable source than the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) when it comes to preparing for the Certified Medical Assistant exam. They have two excellent 50 question multiple choice tests:

Melanie Shearer's CMA Practice Exam

This has a quick 40 question multiple-choice practice test written by a qualified Medical Assistant Instructor. I'm embarrassed to say that I got 2 questions wrong on my first attempt - see if you can do better at tests.com/practice/medical-assistant-practice-test

CMA Preparation Books

Medical Assistant Exam: Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams

Medical Assistant Exam: Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams

This is an excellent book because not only does it have an entire chapter devoted to exam preparation and study techniques, but it also has a full practice test similar to the actual CMA exam.

And it contains several other useful chapters on Clinical Procedures, Administrative Procedures, and General MA Knowledge.

Check out the best price at Amazon.com (affiliate link).

There are many other helpful books which you can find at Amazon.com (affiliate link).

We also have a list of the most popular Medical Assistant Books.

If you have any questions about preparing for your exam please feel free to ask in the comments area below.

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Medical assistant licensing

Great exam prep. It's important not to forget that their are multiple medical assisting licenses you can obtain which means multiple tests. Look at all the certifications and make sure to pick the one that is best for you!

Although my article above is

Although my article above is primarily about the CMA exam, these practice tests are still helpful for other MA courses including the RMA exam.