5 Must-Read Books for Health Professionals

Health professionals are constantly faced with stressful situations. Taking a chance to unwind by reading is also an excellent way to grow as a professional. Books that are related to nursing, medical work and similar subject matter can keep the mind sharp while giving insight into the challenges other professionals have faced and their way of handling the situations. A few must-read books are available for all health professionals.

In Stitches by Anthony Youn

Medical professionals need a little humor to brighten a bad day at work and the book is a great way to remember the calling to a medical profession. In Stitches is a coming-of-age story that explores a young man’s growth from a teenager to a medical doctor.

It is a funny story that shows the journey and calling to working in the medical profession. The humor is uplifting after a hard day at work, which makes it a must-read for any medical profession in any field. The memoirs that show the challenges of working through medical school, facing the sacrifices that go along with years of study and the difficult life of a doctor is touching to the heart. Furthermore, the humor allows medical professionals to remember that sometimes it is important to laugh at those unexpected moments at work.

Assessment and Prediction of Suicide

The book Assessment and Prediction of Suicide by Dr. Ronald R. Maris, Dr. Alan L. Berman, John T. Maltsberger and Robert I. Yufit is a necessary reading material for any professional in the healthcare industry. Suicide is a problem that medical professionals must recognize as a risk when treating their patients.

Since suicide is a growing problem, it is important to recognize the signs that a suicide attempt might occur and take measures to prevent the possibility among patients. Giving patients appropriate treatment when they are showing signs of attempted suicide can prevent a death and give medical professionals an opportunity to improve lives.

Your 1st Year as a Nurse

The book Your 1st Year as a Nurse by Donna Cardillo, RN, provides information that is applicable to any nurse and many other medical professionals. It offers advice about different situations, stories from other nurses and suggestions for networking or handling difficult situations.

While the book was written for new graduates starting out in nursing, it is a great read for any medical professional. It focuses on the challenges a nurse can face and the different solutions that might handle unexpected situations.

Bedlam Among the Bedpans

Every medical professional needs a dose of humor in the hectic and often stressful career. The problem is that many situations in the medical field are not humorous. Bedlam Among the Bedpans by Amy Y. Young is a humorous book that shares nursing jokes and funny situations that happen in hospitals and medical facilities around the country.

The book is designed to help medical professionals find the humor in work, which is often lacking in a stressful environment. It also helps unwind after a difficult day at work.

Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple

Anatomy is a necessary study for medical professionals because the human body and reactions play a major role in providing medications. Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple by Stephan Goldberg is a humorous, factual and illustrated book that makes it easy for medical students and professionals to remember the facts associated with anatomy studies.

Medical professionals need a chance to read for enjoyment and further study. By having a few books in mind, it is easier to find something appropriate based on the current mood and the situation that occurred at work.

Mandy Wells is a nurse practitioner and guest author at www.top-nursing-programs.com, a site with guides to top-rated online nursing degree programs.