Vatterott College Looses $13 Million Lawsuit to Former Medical Assistant Student

No doubt you've heard about Vatterott - they're a huge for profit college with 19 campuses across 9 states, and they offer a wide range of Medical Assisting and related programs.

A Jury in Jackson County recently awarded a $13 Million payment to former Vatterott Medical Assisting student Jennifer Kerr.

What the court found was that Ms Kerr had been mislead by Vatterott into believing that she was studying for a Medical Assisting degree, which she was told would 'fast track' her into a Nursing program (which is what she really wanted to do in the first place), when in fact she was only enrolled in the preliminary medical office assistant’s program.

The medical office assistant’s program does not provide any credit toward a Nursing program, and worse still Ms Kerr was over $27,000 in debt to pay for the course, and was told she would need another $10,000 to pay for an additional 30 week program on top of the 60 week course she was already doing if she wanted to become a Medical Assistant.

Ms Kerr said in an interview with the Kansas City Star “I was shocked and devastated, I felt very deceived. I was totally deceived.”

Vatterott will no doubt appeal and probably won't pay anything like the $13 Million awarded by the jury, but at least this will send a big message to for profit colleges who mislead students and are more focused on making money than actually teaching.

If you would like to know the full story, including previous legal scandals involving Vatterott College, read the very well research article at the Kansas City Star.