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First Aid During World War 1: A Fight For Progress

Stretcher bearers during World War I

In honor of the 11th minute of the 11th hour on the 11th day of November 1918, we have a guest post from Time Jones about first aid during WWI.

The Great War of 1914-18 is to this day remembered as a time of great sacrifice. Advances in military equipment resulted in an unprecedented number of deaths and casualties – a loss which still scars Europe to this day. But from this most savage of conflicts, some good was to emerge in the shape of developments in first aid.

Example Cover Letter for Medical Assistant Job Applications

Writing a Medical Assistant cover letter

So now that you've finished writing your resume, you need a cover letter to go with it when applying for jobs.

This isn't as daunting as it may seem at first, so keep reading and you'll find out all you need to know, and then we'll provide you with cover letter examples below.

A cover letter is something that you send, along with your resume when applying for a new job with a new health care facility, or it can be when applying for a new job at the same institution you already work for. In this case we will primarily consider the first case - you should be able to make any necessary adjustments yourself if you are applying for an internal position.

Amputee Medical Assistant

Kiera Brinkley

If you think all that study, externships, and sitting for exams to become a medical assistant is hard, wait 'till you see the amazing Kiera Brinkley!

Ms Brinkley, from Portland Oregon, is about to sit for the national CMA exam, and is in her final stages of prepping, despite being a quadruple amputee.

When she was only two years old, she contracted Pneumococcal Sepsis and was required to have all four limbs amputated.

Working with Non-vaccinating Families

Mary Bacon's picture

At some point in your career, you are bound to come across a non-vaccinating family. These families present a challenge. The following information is provided so you can best help families on the fence about vaccinating. This article will provide you answers and links to where you can direct parents who need accurate information.

Julie Flaatten Elected as Secretary-Treasurer of AAMA

Julie Flaatten CMA (AAMA), RN, EMT-B

At the recent 57th annual conference of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), Julie Flaatten CMA (AAMA), RN, EMT-B was elected as the new Secretary-Treasurer for 2013 to 2015.

Flaatten brings a great deal of experience to her office. She has worked in family practice for 30 years at the Marshfield Clinic's Greenwood and Cadott Centers, and has also served as an adjunct medical assisting instructor for Globe University and Northcentral Technical College.

Trainee Medical Assistant Jailed

Denetria Barnes

Denetria Barnes, who was training to become a Medical Assistant in Tampa Bay, has been sentenced to 37 months in prison for stealing and selling confidential patient information.

Fortunately most Medical Assistants take their responsibilities quite seriously, but it's a sad fact that occasionally a few take advantage of their trusted position, and their patients, as was the case with this story I wrote about back in July.

How To Make Your Doctor's Office More Efficient

A busy physician’s office is a sign of a successful practice. However, a busy office that cannot handle the patient load can be very offsetting for the patient. Many patients complain that they have to wait several months for an appointment. Once they do make it to the office, they have to cancel work and other plans for the day because the appointments are always behind schedule. These are the things that can push a patient to search for another doctor. Here are some tips that can help you to create a more efficient practice.

Medical Assistant Saves Life On Way Home From Work

EmaLee Urban

Medical Assistant EmaLee Urban (pictured right) was on her way home from work when she witnessed a motor vehicle accident on the I-15 and immediately sprung into action working to save the driver's life.

The accident, which occurred in Salt Lake City last Monday, left the patient with life threatening injuries after being ejected from the car.

Medical Assistant Fired for Inappropriately Accessing Patient Records


A Medical Assistant is one of 6 people who were fired by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a not for profit Hospital in Los Angeles, for accessing patient records which they were not entitled to look up.

The records were accessed between June 18 and June 24, which was just days after celebrity Kim Kardashian gave birth at the Hospital.


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