Salary for a Medical Assistant

This is one of those complicated questions where the answer depends upon your duties, your level of qualification, and experience.

Over 95% of full time Medical Assistants are paid hourly.

According to data collected in 2011 by the American Association of Medical Assistants, here is what you can expect to earn per hour:

Years of Experience Hourly Pay
0 - 2 $12.88
3 - 5 $14.31
6 - 9 $15.21
10 - 15 $16.23
16 or more $17.58

That's an awful lot better than the minimum wage which, in 2012, stands at around $7.25 (it varies slightly from state to state).

If you have CMA (AAMA) certification you can expect to earn, on average, 11% more than you will without certification:

Average pay for full-time CMAs (AAMA) and Non-CMAs (AAMA)
With CMA (AAMA) Certification Without Certification
$14.94 $13.43

I'm not suggesting that good rates of pay are the reason you should choose the role of Medical Assistant as a career choice, you must start with a desire to help patients otherwise you won't find this area of work rewarding regardless of how much you earn.

There are additional benefits that often go with working in the medical profession such as:

  • Comprehensive Medical Plans
  • Tuition Aid/Reimbursement
  • Retirement Plans (i.e. 401K)

Overall the level of pay that you can expect to receive will depend upon your level of experience, your qualifications, the duties you perform, and the organization you work for.

After reading all the information above, I'm sure you'll understand why it's not possible for us to give you an exact answer down to the last cent, however I'm sure you'll find the salary ranges outlined to be a good starting point in terms of understanding what you should reasonably expect in this line of work.

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