Accredited Online Medical Assistant Programs


  1. Why Proper Accreditation Is Important
  2. What Medical Assistant Training Can Be Completed Online
  3. List of Online Medical Assistant Schools

Why Proper Accreditation Is Important

There are many medcial assisting programs available online and nearly all of the claim to have some form of accreditation. However, if you intend to become a CMA or RMA then you must only attend a school which has the required accreditation, otherwise you may complete your course but still not be eligible for the certification you desire.

There are only two accrediting bodies recognized by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) to provide training that will make you eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Exam, and the same bodies are also recognized by the American Medical Technologists (AMT) to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam.

At the current time, online medical assisting programs are only accredited by the ABHES - below is a list of all such programs we have been able to verify.

Before enrolling in any online medical assistant program, you should check the ABHES Directory of Institutions and Programs to ensure it is accredited.

What Medical Assistant Training Can Be Completed Online

It is important to note that you can not complete all of the training required for either the CMA or RMT certificates online.

While many of your classes can be done over the internet, the following program components can only be done at a physical location:

  • Lab work
  • Practicum - usually referred to as an Externship
  • Certification Examinations

In some cases you will be required to attend campus for these, and sometimes you will attend a medical facility organized by your online school. Before you enroll it is important to find out exactly where you will be required to physically attend to ensure you will be able to complete all of your program requirements.

List of Online Medical Assistant Schools

The following online programs are all ABHES accredited:

Institution Program Program Length Fees & Tuition* Median Debt On-Time Completion Rate Employ-ment Rate Accredit-ation Valid Until Qualifies for These Exams
Allied Health Institute Diploma10 Months15,075Subsidized Loans: $3,485.00, Unsubsidized Loans: $5,970.0067%74%02/28/2018CMA (AAMA), RMA (AMT)
Broadview University Associate Degree21 Months38,670Federal Loan Debt $30,12437%86%02/28/2017CMA (AAMA)
Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology Diploma40 WeeksSee their online calculatorn/an/an/a08/31/2013CMA (AAMA)
Community College of Vermont Associate Degreen/a14,620n/an/an/a02/28/2017CMA (AAMA), RMA (AMT)
ECPI University Associate Degree17 Months26,734Federal Loan Debt $14,45854%87%02/28/2015CMA (AAMA), RMA (AMT)
Globe University Associate Degree21 Months35,880Federal Loan Debt $21,23277%70%02/28/2017CMA (AAMA)
Goodwin College Certificate9 Monthsn/an/an/an/a02/28/2015CMA (AAMA)
Herzing University Online Associate Degree4-5 Semesters22,800n/a8%75%02/28/2015CMA (AAMA), RMA (AMT)
Keiser University Associate Degreen/a$7,392 / Semestern/a57%72%02/28/2017CMA (AAMA)
Minnesota School of Business Associate Degree21 Months40,050Federal Loan Debt $25,42250%73%02/28/2015CMA (AAMA)
Penn Foster College Associate Degree3 Semesters4,355n/an/an/a02/28/2014CMA (AAMA), RMA (AMT)
Ross College Associate Degreen/a15,740n/an/an/a02/28/2015Intended for students who have already completed a medical assistant certificate/diploma
Southeastern College Associate Degree22 Months30,113n/a39%67%02/28/2020CCMA (NHA)
The College of Health Care Professions Associate Degree80 Weeks28,350n/an/an/a02/28/2014CMA (AAMA)

* These are the minimum fees for each program - books, materials, education fees, equipment, testing fees etc. may be included or there may be additional charges. It varies between institutions so you will have to look at their fee schedules in detail to find out how much the entire program cost will be for you.

If you believe there are any errors or omissions above please contact us with the details. We will verify accreditation before adding any school or program to this list.