Medical Assistant Employment Tips & Advice

Getting a job as a Medical Assistant isn't always easy, particularly if you haven't worked in this field before. In this section you will find advice to help you prepare and apply for medical assistant jobs.

Example Cover Letter for Medical Assistant Job Applications

Writing a Medical Assistant cover letter

So now that you've finished writing your resume, you need a cover letter to go with it when applying for jobs.

This isn't as daunting as it may seem at first, so keep reading and you'll find out all you need to know, and then we'll provide you with cover letter examples below.

A cover letter is something that you send, along with your resume when applying for a new job with a new health care facility, or it can be when applying for a new job at the same institution you already work for. In this case we will primarily consider the first case - you should be able to make any necessary adjustments yourself if you are applying for an internal position.

Medical Assistant Thank You Letter Sample

Once you've done your job interview, you should follow up with a formal letter thanking them for interviewing you, and to ensure they know that you are eager to accept the position should it be offered to you.

You would be surprised how many people don't do this - and it really helps you to stand out from the other applicants.

A thank you letter for a Medical Assistant isn't really much different to one you would write for any other kind of job - here is a sample that will give you a good starting point for when you write your own:

Medical Assistant Resume Examples


If you're a regular visitor to this site, you may recall that last year we published some advice on resumes called "9 Steps to Write that Perfect Medical Assistant Resume". It turned out to be a very popular article which resulted in many of you emailing us to ask for some example resumes.

I have finally found the time to provide some examples below - I may add more depending on the feedback you provide. The first two examples are:

9 Steps to Write that Perfect Medical Assistant Resume

9 steps to write a professional medical assistant resume

Hello there.

I am assuming, since you're reading this, you're either applying to become a Medical Assistant or at least seriously thinking about it.

You came to the right place.

I spent 2 months wading through and learning about the process to get my Aunt a similar position in the UK. I wrote everything for her including the all-important resume and cover letter. She now has a comfortable job with options for progress everywhere around her.
So I know this stuff.

Don't Have Experience Yet? Consider Volunteering...

As you may have seen in our recent survey of online advertisements for medical assisting jobs, it can be quite difficult to get a start in your career if you don't have experience.

Even though 43% of jobs advertised don't require prior experience, many of them say that experience is preferred.

When you're just starting out, this can seem a bit daunting. You're caught in a catch 22 - if you don't have on the job experience, they won't give you a job to get the experience you need to gain employment...

But the situation isn't necessarily as bad as it seems.

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