9 Steps to Write that Perfect Medical Assistant Resume

9 steps to write a professional medical assistant resume

Hello there.

I am assuming, since you're reading this, you're either applying to become a Medical Assistant or at least seriously thinking about it.

You came to the right place.

I spent 2 months wading through and learning about the process to get my Aunt a similar position in the UK. I wrote everything for her including the all-important resume and cover letter. She now has a comfortable job with options for progress everywhere around her.
So I know this stuff.

We'll start with the easiest steps which are mostly common sense but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget them. And how much harm they can mean when they are missing in your application.

The Basics

1. Contact Details

This is quite self evident but you should have all of your contact details right at the top where they are easy to spot and read.
They should include

  • Name: (Not much to say here)
  • Address: (Mail may be sent)
  • Phone Number: (You must be always available at this number.)
  • Email Address: (Many people skip this but it's quite important for such a small thing, believe me)

2. Research, Research, Research

I know, it's tempting to use the same resume for different applications but you're just shooting yourself in the foot. Dedicate at least a few hours into getting to know all relevant information on the company.

So when I say tailor your resume to each specific position I don't mean changing the company name and maybe adding a paragraph stating something they did. Different companies have different character and different ways they respond. They might value different skills more highly so pay attention to this. Get to know them intimately and even if you get rejected, the next time will be much easier.

Note: Using keywords that are used in the Job Description and in the Company website is a good way to show them that you will be a good fit but don't overdo it. Nobody likes a copy/paster.

3. Write the Resume

This is by far the hardest part but as long as you follow these easy steps you should be able to do a neat and compelling case of your qualifications.

Now the following applies to all Resumes but (much) more so in Health care. Your resume is not just a showcase for your different skills and aptitudes.
It needs to tell a story.

Resume objective

You need a strong objective that drives you onward which also clearly shows your knowledge of being a Medical Assistant. After you establish this goal, you have to show what your future ambition is and what role you see yourself performing in the organization. Just think yourself at your most relaxed and cable handling your duties and write that down. Remember to avoid unnecessary prose (that is, fancy language).
You need to be clear, concise and be able to get to the point.

Note: Keep the whole resume at 1-2 pages. Preferably 2, if you can fill it.

4. Previous Employment

Mention all relevant employment anti-clockwise. Just make sure to include the job title and a short summary of what you were responsible for and what you achieved. If possible, include your Employer's name and any contact details.

5. Mention all your Skills

Start with the most relevant and continue from there.
I'm not saying to write down every skill you know just that anything relevant will help.

First and Foremost mention your Clinical skills. These will include:

  • Basic First Aid, CPR, Ability to take Vital signs
  • Preparing Patients, including getting their Medical Histories.
  • Infection Control Knowledge
  • And mention any assisting in Medical Assistant Exams.

Don't forget to include any Administrative skills such as:

  • Computer Expertise and specializations in Medical Office Applications.
  • General Secretarial Skills such as answering and making appointments through the phone (Typing and Transcription count as well as any office related skills.)
  • Bookkeeping
  • And any other Medical Coding to do with Billing and Insurance.
Note: Make clear if your experience (if any) was in a Doctor's office, a hospital, a clinic, etc.

6. Education

This section is of great value in a healthcare resume.
As well as your obvious qualifications, be sure to include any Medical Assistant programs you have taken part in Colleges or even Schools. Always include the dates and any honors you might have earned.

7. References

A minimum of two but preferably three, these can be from:

  • Health Care Facilities (The best kind of Reference)
  • Past Employers
  • Teacher's that you had good contact with
Note: If you have done any Volunteer Work you can get References in the same sector.

8. Keep it fresh!

Unlike the above sentence your resume doesn't age well so be sure to check it periodically and add any other employment or education. You'd be surprised how things change with time.

9. Ask for Help

You now know the Basic steps of writing the Resume but that doesn't mean you have to write it alone. If you are a part of a School or College there's always a designated career counsellor they can help and even a friend who's been through the process can be of invaluable help.

And now you know how to write a professional medical assistant resume.
If you follow these 9 steps you should be left with a solid resume and you start applying.

Good luck!

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Do you have some example resumes?

Thank you for showing how to write a resume, I'm working on my first one now.

What would help even more if is you had some examples of successful medical assistant resumes.

That's a great idea Julie. I

That's a great idea Julie. I don't think people would like us to share their actual resumes they've used to get jobs, however I'll look into putting together a 'composite' resume with personal information removed.

I'll post back here once we've done that.