Popular Medical Assistant Books

Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams

If you are looking for some books to help you study or brush up on your Medical Assisting skills, then this guide is just what you need.

What I've done is take a look at the range of books Medical Assistant Atlas readers buy at Amazon.com, and I've put together this list of the most popular ones.

These aren't the only publications on this topic - you can get a comprehensive list of medical assistant books at Amazon.com.

1. Medical Assistant Exam: Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams

IF you are taking the exam for the first time you'll find this one of the best books to help you prepare. It is by far the most popular book with readers of this website.

It comes complete with two full-length practice exams in a format which closely matches that of the actual CMA and RMA tests.

When you buy it you also get access to an online CMA practice exam.

You can read reviews by actual Medical Assistants at Amazon.com

2. Anatomy (Quickstudy Reference Guide)

Actually this is not a book, but a laminated 6 panel pamphlet which folds out giving you detailed illustrations with over 1,400 anatomical identifications. It also has punch holes to allow it to easily fit into your ring binder.

Although not specifically made for Medical Assistants, it's very popular with our readers, and with Amazon customers as well having over 40 customer reviews and a rating over 4.5 stars (5 is the maximum).

The human body contains a huge number of parts and names to remember - so do yourself a favor and get this.

3. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' Medical Assisting Exam Review for CMA, RMA & CMAS Certification

The purpose for this book is to prep you for your certification exam. It has been popular with MAs for quite some time now and it's currently in its 3rd edition.

One of the great features about this book is that it begins by helping you work out which areas you need to spend more time studying than others, then helps you work out a comprehensive study plan to suit.

As one of the reviewers on Amazon.com said, "This book was a great review for taking the exam. Everything I reviewed was on the exam, there were only a few questions that weren't but that was because they were trying to trip you up. I would recommend this book for any CMA, RMA, or CMAS to get and review. It also gives great test pointers."

4. Kaplan Medical Assistant Exam Review

Although Kaplan are well known for their schools teaching medical assisting, this book by their publishing division is suitable for all people taking the CMA exam.

It's written by Diann L. Martin, PhD, RN, who is a former Dean of Nursing at Kaplan University who has a deep knowledge of the topic which shows through in this book.

It contains a CMA practice exam complete with answers and explanations, as well as providing you with strategies for exam prep.

On top of all that, it also has a handy career resource section.

5. Medical Terminology: The Basics (Quick Study Academic)

This is another laminated 6 panel pamphlet with holes to fit into your 3 ring binder.

It has received praise from not only Medical Assistants, but also Nurses, Instructors, and Medical Students.

It breaks terms down into their constituent parts to make them easier to understand and remember, and is particularly helpful with prefixes and suffixes.

There are more than 30 customer reviews you can read at Amazon.com.

6. MA Review Notes: Exam Certification Pocket Guide

This is a handy pocket-sized book which also comes with a CD-ROM containing an interactive practice CMA test.

It covers all areas of exam prep for the CMA, RMA, and CMAS exams.

Being easy to carry around with you, this is not only suitable for exam preparation, but as one Medical Assistant said, "Wonderful to have when needed to refer back for information if not sure about something while at work".

You can read at least 30 customer reviews at Amazon.com.

While these are the most popular medical assisting books with visitors to Medical Assistant Atlas, they are not the only good ones available. For a complete list visit Amazon.com.