Amputee Medical Assistant

Kiera Brinkley

If you think all that study, externships, and sitting for exams to become a medical assistant is hard, wait 'till you see the amazing Kiera Brinkley!

Ms Brinkley, from Portland Oregon, is about to sit for the national CMA exam, and is in her final stages of prepping, despite being a quadruple amputee.

When she was only two years old, she contracted Pneumococcal Sepsis and was required to have all four limbs amputated.

Not only has she completed her 9 month medical assisting program at Concorde Career College, but she also managed to successfully complete her externship even though she has no hands.

Despite being so capable she's still a little nervous about his week's exam as she told Fox News, "I'm really nervous. It's a completely new step. It's a new career and just a fresh start,"

If you would like to know more about her amazing story, you can watch the television interview she did last week with Fox 29 News.

And her talents don't end there - she is also and dancer! Here's a video of her in action: