About Medical Assistant Atlas

I'm Jason Horton and I'm the Editor of the Medical Assistant Atlas website.

Although I'm not a professional Medical Assistant myself, I have years of experience as a Career looking after my Mother who has a chronic illness, and my Wife who's cancer turned out to be terminal.

In addition to that, my family background is one of medical practice - from my Grandmother Jocelyn who did all she could through her Church to support the elderly and infirm in her community, to my Great Aunt Pauline who rose from the rank of Nurse to Hospital Owner over many years of dedicated work.

Through both my direct experience as a Career, to my learned experience from the professional elders in my family, I have come to a great deal of knowledge and appreciation for one of the most deserving group of people in the modern medical system - the Medical Assistants.

Through this website I aim to offer the benefit of my experience working with Medical Assistants, and that of actual professionals in the field, in order to help the wonderful people who are considering a career in this noble profession.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact myself, or any of the other dedicated workers here at Medical Assistant Atlas - click here to contact us.

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