A Virtual Medical Assistant?

Don't worry, this technology is interesting, but it won't replace real life Medical Assistants any time soon...

Yesterday a company called Sensiotec Inc. launched a product they call "Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) System", which they say is the world’s first non-contact remote vital signs monitor.

This took place at the 17th Annual American Telemedicine Association Meeting & Expo.

This is a new technology that uses non-contact sensors to measure patient's vital signs including heart and respiration rates, and then relay that information to a nursing station.

Real Star Trek VMA

Sensiotec CTO and Georgia Institute of Technology Smart Antenna Laboratory Founder and Director Dr. Mary Ann Ingram states, “With our patented Ultra-wideband technology, science fiction has become fact. Practical high-precision non-contact vital signs monitoring and patient movement and fall detection is now a reality, almost like a Star Trek tricorder.”

They are stretching the Star Trek similarity a bit too far - real medical assistants won't have to worry about being replaced by technology any time soon.

However, once scientists can create something like Star Trek's Emergency Medical Hologram, then it might be time to start looking for a new career - fixing virtual medical staff perhaps?

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